Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Good Life

It's about noon in Vegas and Husband and I are enjoying the Champagne Brunch at the MGM Grand. Well, I'm enjoying champagne...Husband is enjoying Diet Coke. And lots of Prime Rib.

We arrived at 10:30am, tired and starving, but excited for the week ahead. We checked into the hotel at the airport (EVERY hotel should have this option. At every airport. Everywhere), boarded a shuttle and 5 minutes later we were strolling through the monstrous casino/hotel, sans bags, which would be sent up to our room when ready. We got a little lost on the way to the Grand Buffet (easy to do), but pretty soon we were piling up our plates with everything from sushi to ravioli, and sipping some bubbly.

I could get used to this....

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